most popular convenience store items

Most Popular Convenience Store Items

What are the most popular convenience store items for store operators to sell?

It can be difficult to decide what products to sell at a convenience store. Convenience stores are a popular destination for people who need to pick up things on the way home from work or on long trips.

The National Association of Convenience Stores reports that the average time in convenience stores is less then 4 minutes. About 83% of items purchased are consumed within an hour, while 65% of those bought are consumed right away. Given the speed of shopping and limited retail shelf space, it is important to pick most popular convenience store items wisely to maximize profit.

What can you sell in a convenience store? Convenience stores products are convenient. Customers want to be able to quickly find what they need, no matter if they are local or passing through.

Convenience shops fill in the gap where there aren’t grocery stores within a reasonable distance, or driving too far to get to one. This is where convenience stores are most successful. Many people are hungry, thirsty or just in desperate need of quick solutions.

Ten Most Popular Convenience Store Items

These products are the most popular convenience store items which could add value to your store’s stock.

10. Ice Cream and Dairy Items

Customers can easily pick up dairy products like ice cream or milk at a convenience shop instead of having to walk twice as far to reach their regular grocery store. Customers will often return to the convenience store for milk, yogurt, or cheese.

9. Toiletries Items

Customers with urgent needs will find convenience stores that stock a full range of toiletries, such as toothpaste, shampoo, tissues, diapers, and tissue. Popular are also drugstore cosmetics. They are a tempting deal because of their affordability and convenience.

8. Hot Food Items

Many customers are hungry and go through convenience stores because they’re either on a time crunch, or need to take a break from long-distance travel. They’re either looking for something quick or easy to eat. These visitors will love hot dogs, nachos and breakfast sandwiches.

7. Medication available over-the-counter

Convenience stores generally open earlier or later than larger grocery shops. It’s easy to find over-the-counter medication at your nearest convenience store if you have an illness that strikes late at night or while driving.

6. Candy and packaged snacks

Packaged snacks like nuts, chips and candy are another popular category. These snacks are essential for road travelers and anyone who needs a little food to fuel their journey.

most popular convenience store items

5. Gas and Automotive Supplies

Convenience stores often have gas stations attached, making it easier to stop your car to get gas. You might consider stocking tools and accessories such as tire patch kits, wrenches, antifreeze, lubricants, and other useful items if your store is used as a stop on the road.

4. Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Convenience stores are very popular with bottles of water, soda, coffee, energy drinks, and these products can be very profitable. Because of their low price, slushies and fountain drinks are very profitable. These liquids account for over 40% of the profit dollars.

3. Lottery Tickets

People rely on gas stations and convenience stores to sell lottery tickets. Lottery tickets can be one of the most profitable products that you can sell in convenience stores. Being a retailer of lottery tickets is a great way to generate revenue. Make sure your outdoor signs show that you sell lottery.

Also make sure that it’s clear that you sell lottery on your website, social media and on your Google Business Profile. You really want to optimize your Google business listing for lottery so that when someone is looking up lottery sales on their mobile phone, your C-store will show up high on the business rankings.

2. Beer and wine

One of the most profitable and popular products in convenience stores is alcohol, such as wine and beer. People who are short on time will rather buy a case of beer at the local gas station than make the trek to the liquor shop. Offer a nice variety of beers and wines so that it’s easier for consumers to select from your offering rather than holding off on purchases until they get to a liquor store.

1. Tobacco Products

An evergreen product that tops out this Top 10 list is tobacco products. There are many forms of tobacco products available these days: cigarettes, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes. Convenience stores can sell tobacco products by placing them behind the cashier to limit theft.

Marketing Strategy for Convenience Stores

Customers can depend on convenience stores to stock many items, such as food staples and drinks. However, a lot of profit is generated by impulse purchases.

This rule should guide your marketing for convenience stores. However, you should pay special attention to the most profitable items and shelf them at eye-level throughout your store. Be sure to include as many of the most popular convenience store items at eye-level.

You want your customers to be able to see the products and the shelves in your convenience store. When they check out, the smaller impulse purchases such as candy or gum should be in front of them. For more on how to increase convenience store profits, check out our latest blog post.

When You’re Ready, Mission Peak Brokers Can Help You Sell Your Convenience Store

Now that you have the plan to increase the most popular convenience store items, you will not only be rewarded with great profits from your gross annual sales but also when you sell your C-store. Increasing profits increases your convenience store’s list price. The more profitable the business, the more desirable and sellable.

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