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As gas station brokers, Mission Peak Brokers sell gas station businesses, gas station properties and provide gas station financing for both business sales and gas station properties. We have extensive experience and are considered specialists in gas stations for sale in California.

Given our success rate (over $270,000,000 sold), we welcome the opportunity to use our expertise as gas station brokers to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Check out our ratings  and then contact us today to help build your dreams of gas station ownership tomorrow.

Mission Peak Brokers attract more qualified buyers to your gas station than other brokerages.  We have several thousand pre-qualified buyers looking for a gas stations to buy. 

We reach thousands more through our website, top business-for-sale websites, commercial real estate listing sites, social media and our professional associations. We carefully pre-qualify our buyers including requiring confidentiality agreements before obtaining information on the business

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and expertise. Whether you are selling a small corner gas station or a massive Multiple Pump Dispenser (MPD) system off a major highway, our gas station brokers are here to help you manage the sale or purchase of the business opportunity, commercial real estate, SBA financing. Additionally, we have extensive experience securing gas station real estate construction financing for remodels and expansions.

Our brokerage has sold hundreds upon hundreds of California gas stations. We have sold gas stations located in nearly every California county. Our gas stations for sale are opportunities offered with expert valuation, thorough documentation and recommendations for further optimization.

We offer a plethora of resources to help our clients learn more about the gas station industry and what makes a good gas station to buy. Check out our numerous gas station transaction resources to help prospective clients learn more about operating, selling or buying this evergreen business.

And we mean evergreen. Gas stations have proven to be one of the most evergreen opportunities for sale. As the coronavirus pandemic swept through the United States and California, numerous business sales were stalled or derailed EXCEPT for gas station sales. In fact, gas station sales enjoyed unparalleled interest and multiples since they are considered essential businesses and proved to have extraordinary staying power. Consequently, gas stations for sale have seen record profits, valuations and competition for buyer acquisition.

When you need gas station brokers to help you buy, sell or finance gas station business opportunities, commercial realty or financing, don’t go anywhere else.

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Gas Station Business Brokers

Gas Station Business Opportunities vary considerably. Location, acreage, retail services and a number of other factors are taken into consideration in determining the value of gas stations for sale.

Generally speaking, gas stations with retail services such as a convenience store, quick-serve restaurants (QSR), car washes and auto repair services tend to be of much higher desirability and value.

The more technologically updated gas stations are, such as with automated fuel pump systems (MPD) and inventory systems, the more desirable they are to buyers. An operator that updates their management systems with technology not only nets more profit through greater efficiencies but also enjoys a greater net on the sale of their business from a higher valuation.

Currently, the more important factors for higher valuations, apart from an excellent location, for gas stations for sale are the QSR and convenience stores. Gas stations operate on low margins so their owners seek to sell volume but also seek to add profitable income streams. The most profitable additional income streams are QSR and convenience stores that sell alcohol.

An automated car wash is also a cash cow option for many gas business owners. This types of business opportunity adds automated profits for the business owner particularly if well-located in an area with mild to warm weather such as many parts of California.

Auto repair services are still present at gas stations but are growing out of favor. Repair services are not as profitable as QSR and convenience store sales. Yet, for many existing gas stations in excellent locations, quick auto services such as oil and lube jobs can be highly profitable with volume sales and highly skilled staff with low turnover.

Gas stations with commercial real estate for sale are also more appealing and tend to be easier to finance since the land and buildings serve as collateral for the business acquisition loan via SBA 7a and SBA 504 loans.

Gas stations for sale with optimal property, location, lease terms, retail service, and high volume sales are sold much faster than comparable retail businesses. The income from these properties are attractive to many owner-operators.



Gas Station Real Estate Brokers

Location. Location. Location. Without a doubt, finding a well-located gas station for sale is a veritable gold mine. Gas station opportunities that are located near busy freeways or intersections are highly desirable. These gas stations for sale are in short supply in California because of how lucrative they are for the gas station owner.

Savvy gas station buyers are well advised to do their homework in determining the best gas station opportunity to meet their needs, budget and skill level. One of the first things to carefully examine is where the business opportunity is located. A well-located station, with additional income streams, is key to fuel profits.

Most gas stations are sold with an existing lease that is assigned, or transferred, from the seller to the buyer. Typically, the buyer takes the existing lease terms and oftentimes, there are additional options to renew the lease. Where the buyer secures SBA financing, the lease term must amount to a minimum of 10 years. It is imperative that the buyer does their due diligence on the lease terms and conditions.

Likely more desirable to many buyers are gas stations that comes with commercial property. Gas stations for sale with acres, car wash, retail store building, updated fuel pumps and in an excellent location are considered the gold standard for a successful business opportunity sale. This combination means that a sold sign will be hung quickly as there are oftentimes multiple interested parties. Operators want to own the property to control costs and to secure long-term financing. Where real estate is included for sale, the financing period increases from 10 years to 30 years thus lowering the monthly payment.

Additionally, gas stations for sale need to be evaluated for their environmental impact, compliance with city/county/state regulations, and all relevant licensing.

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Gas Station SBA Financing

Cash flow is king. When determining whether a gas station for sale is eligible for SBA financing, lenders primarily look to strong cash flow. If cash flow is more on the modest side, lenders will still be willing to provide financing so long as the buyer has strong credit or does not need to rely on the income of the gas station for sale. If the buyer has plans to update the gas station for sale by remodeling, expanding and/or adding additional revenue streams, the buyer should be able to secure gas station financing assuming they have relevant experience.

Gas station operators should take note that their financial statements will set the gas station valuation and whether SBA financing will be secured. Gas station operator are, therefore, wise to anticipate when they plan to sell their gas station business at least 3-5 years prior and optimize their business to the greatest extent possible in order to maximize their net proceeds from their business sale.

The tale of the pump is key to getting financing. Where the business opportunity has retail service, convenience store, high volume fuel and retail sales, excellent location, consistent income on a busy intersection will be highly attractive in the sales of these types of businesses.


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