Commercial Real Estate Brokers in California, are state licensed professionals who help their clients buy, sell, or lease business properties that will be used for commercial purposes. They represent and act as mediators between buyers and sellers. Brokers represent buyers, sellers and tenants. When a commercial real estate broker represents both parties to a transaction, they are known as dual agents.

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Commercial real estate brokers who assist buyers, help them find and purchase commercial real estate properties. This may include performing an exhaustive search on member only listing platforms, like Loopnet, to find any and all appropriate properties and negotiating optimal purchase price and terms for their client.

Commercial real estate brokers who assist sellers performs a variety of tasks to sell their business property. The initial primary activity is performing an extensive market analysis to set the listing price. Thereafter, they will perform a variety of activities to market the commercial property to find qualified buyers and negotiating sale terms for the highest return.

California Business Brokers

The broker will advertise on a number of different commercial property listing sites to generate attention and interest. Depending on the type of property, the commercial real estate broker will also market to their list of relevant buyers.

California Commercial Real Estate Brokers

At Mission Peak Brokers, we specialize in a variety of commercial real estate. In addition to selling business opportunities, we sell the associated real estate. We also sell commercial properties without businesses. Because of our experience in selling both businesses and real estate, we are also able to sell the associated business assets if a business is no longer a going concern.

We have extensive experience selling:

  • Gas Station Real Estate
  • Motels For Sale
  • Hotels For Sale
  • Car Wash Properties
  • Restaurant Real Estate
  • Office Buildings For Sale
  • Office Condominiums
  • Retail Properties

As one of the Bay Area’s most successful commercial real estate brokerages, Mission Peak Brokers attract more qualified buyers to your commercial real estate than other brokerages.  We have several hundred pre-qualified buyers looking for a commercial properties and businesses to buy. We reach thousands more through our website, top business-for-sale websites, commercial real estate listing sites, social media and our professional associations. We carefully pre-qualify our buyers including requiring confidentiality agreements before obtaining information on the commercial real estate and businesses. 

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