Business Brokers California

As a California Business Brokerage, our roots run deep in this wonderful state that we call home. 

From the gorgeous redwoods of Northern California to the sunny beaches of Southern California, we are proud to professionally broker business opportunities, commercial real estate and SBA loans. 

We love where we live and we love what we do.  We realize that we are very lucky to live the California dream of helping California entrepreneurs live their best lives.

Brokering business opportunities requires knowledge, skill and street smarts. The business brokers at Mission Peak Brokers have the requisite experience, skills, talent and instincts to effectively and efficiently manage business sales.  Through relevant education, training, certification and years of experience, our brokerage offers our clients significant advantages in buying and selling business opportunities and commercial properties.

Business Brokers in California must be licensed by the Department of Real Estate. Our Business Brokers meet that minimum requirement but go further. Our CA business brokers have advanced college degrees, loan licenses and professional licensing through business brokering associations such as the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB) and the International Association of Business Brokers (IBBA). We are members in good standing with the state agencies that regulate us as well as our professional memberships.

Business Brokers - Northern California

Business Brokers Bay Area

Our business brokerage office in Northern California is located in Fremont, California which is where our brokerage originated. Our name “Mission Peak” comes from a famous hill in the beautiful East Hills which provides abundant views of Silicon Valley. Like Mission Peak, we pride ourselves on helping our clients peak in all their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our Bay Area Business Brokers specialize in:

We have established ourselves as the authority for gas station and liquor store business sales in our great state of California. We have sold hundreds upon hundreds of businesses in our specializations. We have transacted businesses from the small mom & pop corner store to multi-location businesses throughout the state.

We have been providing business brokering services to small businesses in the Sacramento San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Jose and East Bay regions. Our business team seeks excellent results in all our brokering endeavors to assure our clients’ success. Our agent’s greatest achievement as business brokers is facilitating entrepreneurial success.

Our business brokers work with both sellers and buyers of small businesses. We sell companies through a variety of methods such as listing sites for businesses, our website, extensive social media and members networking through our professional associations, such as the California Association of Business Brokers.

If you are seeking a Bay Area Business Broker, contact our San Francisco Bay Area brokerage office to sell or buy a business. Our California Business Brokers can also assist you with SBA financing for business acquisition, commercial property and SBA loans for gas stations, liquor stores, convenience stores and restaurant/bars.

Business Brokers - Southern California

Business Brokers Los Angeles

Our Southern California Business Brokers service the entire Southland. Our office is located in downtown Los Angeles. Our Los Angeles Business Brokers provide business brokering services which specialize in:

  • Gas Stations
  • Liquor Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • SBA Loans

Whether you seek to buy a business or sell a business, our Los Angeles Business Brokers will provide you with more support, guidance and insight to achieving your goals. We have over 17 years of experience brokering business opportunities, commercial real estate and SBA financing.

If you are seeking a Los Angeles Business Broker, contact our Los Angeles brokerage office to sell or buy a business. Additionally, we can assist you with financing a business acquisition as well as commercial property; including ground up construction for gas stations, liquor stores and convenience stores.

Business Brokers California

We are grateful and proud to do the work that we do in our wonderful state. We consider our work a privilege and find fulfilling the positive impact that we have on our clients’ businesses, our community and economy. 

Should you need a business broker in California, we hope you will consider working with our firm. 


Our mission is to help you peak!