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Commercial loan brokers specialize in helping small business owners and investors obtain loans for their business or commercial uses. A commercial loan broker assist business owners, commercial real estate buyers and small business buyers with guidance on how to get a commercial real estate and business loans. As commercial loan brokers, Mission Peak Brokers provides SBA loan brokering and Commercial Real Estate Loan brokering.

We have a 99% loan closing rate because we carefully conduct our due diligence to assure a successful financing outcome for our clients.

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Typically, a commercial loan broker has access to a large network of commercial lenders that they match to their client for appropriate financing. Even more, they will help the business owner or business buyer negotiate the rates and terms of their commercial loan to assure their clients get the best possible rate.

commercial loan broker

A business loan broker will understand all the lending options, and can help a business owner or commercial investor find the best possible financing option to meet their goals. In general, commercial loan brokers will assist clients in securing financing either for commercial real estate, small business loans or a combination of both commercial real estate and business.

A business loan broker will also assist clients who are seeking to acquire commercial property or a small business. They also assist business owners in securing financing for expansion or refinancing. Additional information regarding they types of commercial loans can be found here and resources, like the Small Business Administration (SBA), can be found here.

What do commercial loan brokers specifically do to assist entrepreneurs?

  • Provide Business Financing Options: No one wants to overpay for a loan because they failed to properly-inform themselves of their options. Commercial loan brokers will help their clients explore and understand all the different funding options available to them. The broker will help steer the business owner or business buyer to their best financing option that will help their business grow.
  • Provide Access to Lenders: There are thousands of lenders available that are willing to provide small businesses with financing. Commercial loan brokers have shopped the various types of loans offered by these lenders to find the most favorable options to present to their clients. Moreover, the broker seeks lenders that they can have good, sustainable working relationships with to assure their clients’ success in closing on a new loan or refinancing. Good commercial loan brokers have connections within many lending institutions to streamline the approval and underwriting process.
  • Negotiate for Favorable Terms: Commercial loan brokers will negotiate fees and costs related to the loan. While many lenders feel small businesses should just accept the terms they present, the broker will negotiate on the rates and fees to ensure they are getting their clients the lowest rates, closing and banking fees.

Mission Peak Brokers are highly experienced Bay Area commercial loan brokers licensed in the state of California. Whether you are interested in a commercial loan, commercial real estate loan, SBA loan or refinancing, our business loan brokers can help. Contact us to explore your options and find out how we can successfully assist you.