Life After Selling Your Business

Life After Selling Your Business

How’s life after selling your business?

After selling your business, you may have plans to start your own business or retire, it is common for people to feel like, “I sold the company, what now?” Common emotions and questions after the sale of a business include doubts and anxiety. It is important to take time to clarify your next steps and plan your actions after you have sold your business.

Ex-business owners can do many things, including going on vacation and training new business owners. You will experience many emotions after you sell your business and there are several factors that influence what you do.

Life after selling your business requires thoughtful consideration so that you can make the transition and enjoy your well-earned post-sale benefits.

Life After Selling Your Business: How Will You Feel When Your Company is Sold?

You may feel empty, joy-stricken or both. Many business owners get excited when they sell their company. However, while the profit is substantial, it can also leave them feeling empty or sad.

It can be difficult to let go of something you have put so much thought and work into. It can be more fun to prepare emotionally for the sale of your business. Instead of feeling sad about the sale of your company you may feel like you have entered a new phase in your life.

Consider when you were in high school or college and how it felt to get married, move to a new place, have your first child, etc. These events all are very similar to when you sell your business. You enter into an exciting new phase of your life. It is thrilling, but you must also say goodbye to your old timeframe.

Life After Selling Your Business: Factors To Consider Post-Sale

Focusing on the positive aspects or new challenges of your sale is a great way to control your emotions.


You should take stock of your finances after you have sold your business. Although you may have managed your finances well with an accountant, there are unexpected expenses when selling a company, including capital gains tax and closing costs.

You should know your financial situation, whether you’re retiring or starting your next venture. After you have sold your business, it is important to organize and prepare your finances immediately.

Post-Sale Planning

You might be unable to sell your business after it has been sold. Many business owners stay on the sold companies in order to assist new owners. There are many strategies to consider when planning for the future after a sale.

As the owner, you must transfer ownership and leadership of your business to the buyer. Transferring leadership is the most important aspect of any transaction. The new owner must be followed by your employees. Although this can seem difficult, it is possible to retain employees if the transition process goes well.

While some business owners stay put for years after they sell their company, others only last a few days. The buyer’s and seller’s needs will determine the extent of their stay.

Plans For Your Next Venture

It is time to start a business if you don’t plan on retiring, but instead want to continue your career. Once you are aware of how much capital your company has, you can use it to finance your next venture.

Plan For Retirement and Vacation 

Financial planning is the most important part of retirement planning. Once that’s done, it is time to plan your first vacation. You can adjust to your new life without being stuck at your desk or home. You will be rewarded and get a wonderful start for the next chapter of your life.

The Path To Retirement

It can be hard to retire. Many responsibilities go away when a business owner is retired. Business owners may feel less motivated and worthless due to the loss of many responsibilities. Retirement can be characterized by boredom and aggravation. 

You should plan your retirement. What are the best ways to plan for retirement? You have the opportunity to organize your retirement time. You can dedicate your retirement time to:

  • Exercise
  • Relationships
  • Individual Projects
  • Hobbies
  • Volunteering
  • Civics
  • Travel
  • Leisure activities
  • Sports

These are just some of the many activities you could do once your company has been sold. You can learn how to effectively retire from your company and take advantage of this new chapter in your retirement.

Life After Selling Your Business:

Life After Selling Your Business: Finding a Path That Feels Right 

Entrepreneurs will often try a new business at the end of the year. These types of activities are rarely rewarded with continued, significant involvement. 

It is common for entrepreneurs after a sale to take time out to study the arts, politics, teaching, mentoring and other non-profit or for-profit sectors. You might find something you are interested in again or find something completely new as part of your new life after selling your business. Angel investing and starting a company are common next steps. Entrepreneurs can use this initial period to learn by combining values that they feel are important with community activities.

Post-sale life can be quite different from what many people expect. According to research performed by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), only 5% of entrepreneurs who had sold their businesses planned to become active in non-profits and social enterprises. However, 19% said they were planning to do so. Although 28% had aspirations to support or invest in other businesses, just 11% did. In reality, 42% of entrepreneurs who sold their businesses went back to work in order to open or manage another company, while 25% retired. 

Some people find great success in pursuing philanthropic, civic and personal goals. From BizBuySell, only 40% of post-sale business owners feel their lives are more fulfilling than when they ran their businesses. The key to finding meaningful activities and how to build identity and communities through them is to match their values. It is not easy to find purpose in life after selling a business. With a bit of effort and time, you can live a fulfilled life after selling your business.

Life After Selling Your Business: Develop Your Path Before You Sell Your Business

Although starting a new business is thrilling, it’s also important to take a break once you have sold your current one. It is a good idea to step back after having spent a lot of money on your previous business.

You will have a better idea of what you want to do if you wait before starting another business. Clarity in planning and purpose is key to any new venture. Your finances should be organized and prepared for investment in business growth.

This article should have given you some suggestions on what to do when your company is sold. If you are interested in learning more about the options available for selling your business, please contact us.

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