What exactly are Liquor Store Multiples?

In this video, Liquor Store Broker, Harry Sidhu, talks about liquor store multiples. Harry has sold numerous liquor stores. He has completed hundreds and hundreds of liquor store business valuations throughout California.

Harry explains how liquor store multiples are used in liquor store valuations. Additionally, he provides insight as to what influences these multiples when selling a liquor store. Moreover, he further explains how business sales and margins eventually affect the sales price of a liquor store.

So what exactly influences multiples?

  • gross profit
  • occupancy/lease expenses
  • lease terms
  • location
  • category sales
  • payroll expenses
  • supplier relationships
  • competition
  • liquor laws & regulations
  • inventory supplies/old inventory
  • automation of inventory
  • security issues
  • sales tax

While liquor stores are valued as a multiple of earnings, the multiples vary across the United States. In California, multiples are fairly generous and liquor stores can be one of the best retail investment compared to other business opportunities.

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