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California Gas Station Brokers – Dispensing Expertise & Pumping Opportunities Is Our Specialty

Mission Peak Brokers specializes in several types of businesses. One of our specializations is as Gas Station Brokers in the Bay Area. We have sold more gas stations than our California competitors, including the related convenience stores, carwashes, auto repair and real estate.

Some Real Estate Brokers specialize in types of properties and businesses like we do as California gas station brokers. Not all commercial brokers, let alone realtors, know how to sell gas station businesses and properties. Selling gas station properties should be sold by an inexperienced broker because of the complexities involved with equipment, tanks, environmental concerns, various regulating authorities and the types of income streams involved for valuation purposes.

Just as you wouldn’t consult a chiropractor for cardiac problems, you would undermine your investment by choosing a broker who are not experienced California gas station brokers. We know gas stations and have represented buyers and sellers throughout the California. We are THE leading California gas station brokers in the state.

California gas station brokers

Gas Station Sellers

The first step to a successful gas station sale is knowing the value of the business and property. Valuing a gas station is complicated. Unlike most businesses that have a relatively straight-forward Profit & Loss (P&L) statement, valuing gas stations gets complicated because there are so many more variables.

California gas station brokers know that there are several moving parts which require knowledge, experience and skills in computing the Most Probable Sales Price (MPSP).

  • Valuing numerous income streams (i.e. auto repair, convenience stores, etc.)
  • Computations involved with gross profit and margins for the gas station business owner
  • Computations involved with the number & the types of tanks underground (fiberglass or steel)
  • Types of fuel sold
  • Condition of equipment such as the dispensers
  • Contamination risks and history
  • Location factors influencing fuel margins
  • Competition factors influencing fuel margins
  • Branded or independent
  • Whether commercial real estate is included in the sale
  • Size and quality of commercial real estate if included in the sale
  • If property is to be leased, the duration and quality of lease terms
  • Fuel pricing and factoring in market volatility
  • Whether there is a Fuel Supply Agreement and the favorability of those terms
  • Seasonality factors influencing earnings (i.e. location by a university where earnings drop during summer months)
  • Duration & quality of vendor contracts
  • Impact of local economy on pricing and margin volatility

As California Gas Station Brokers, we know how to value gas stations. We have valued hundreds of gas stations throughout California. We know what makes one station more desirable and how to position the business for sale in terms of timing and marketing.

Our brokers have extensive experience organizing and preparing all relevant documents for sale. We are able to identify issues and guide our sellers to proactively manage resolution in order to prevent deals from failing.

We also know how to market the business and property. We list our gas station businesses and properties on the most popular business listings sites as well as our own website. We have a qualified buyer pool of thousands that are ready to buy your California gas station.

Gas Station Buyers

We help gas station buyers by offering education and assistance before, during and after the transaction. Our experience as California gas station brokers, and expertise helps inform and guide buyers on how to successfully invest in what is likely to be one of the biggest purchases and commitments of their lives. By providing a helpful and knowledgeable environment to buyers, we generate trust, and insure that the buyers are confident when making offers.

Our experience selling gas stations helps our work with buyers to achieve their business acquisition goals of securing a sustainable, profitable investment. We offer education and assistance to buyers before, during and after the transaction so that they are fully aware of their options, strategies and risks before they finalize their transaction.

We also broker financing for gas station business and property sales. We know how to help our sellers prepare loan applications to survive underwriting scrutiny. We shop the most favorable loan opportunities and facilitate the application process.

Where franchises are involved, we have extensive experience navigating the ins and outs of Fuel Service Agreements. We also inform buyers on the potential gains, limits and risks involved with branded v. unbranded gas stations.

california gas station brokers

Gas Station Brokering

Mission Peak Brokers love selling gas stations. We have helped numerous California gas station entrepreneurs successfully achieve the American dream by becoming self-employed with gas station acquisitions.

One of our clients, who purchased numerous gas stations, told us recently that our guidance and support allowed him to provide his large family a very high quality of life including putting 5 children through college and graduate school. And this is why, as California Gas Station Brokers, we do what we do — providing satisfying opportunity and prosperity to our clients is our mission.

How Mission Peak Brokers Can Help You

As the #1 California Gas Station Brokers, we have valued hundreds and hundreds of gas stations, sold numerous businesses, and closed many gas station financing deals for commercial gas station real estate as well as ground up construction. We specialize in Small Business Administration (SBA) loans specifically for gas stations as well as traditional loans.

Check out our Gas Station Brokers hub page for additional information and resources. Also, for all things involved with selling gas stations in our great state, check out our Gas stations for sale in California hub. We also have a number of California gas station brokers videos on YouTube regarding gas station sales.

If you would like gas station financing information, contact one of our gas station brokers to assist you.

Our California gas station brokers are great at what we do. Contact us today whether you are selling, buying or financing California gas stations.

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